LED lamps for motorsport

LED spotlights on road cars too!

Some road cars too:
A Subaru Impreza Sti featuring 2x ST4 LED spotlights mounted in the grille


Nissan Qashqai fitted with a bullbar mounted pair of ST4 LED spotlights


And another Qashqai fitted with our LED Rally Kit, although I wouldn’t recommend drilling the bonnet on a lease car though…


 And an Isuzu pickup too featuring 2 x ST4’s and 2 x ST8’s:


LED driving lights on Ford Focus WRC

Below is the Ford Focus World Rally Car of Peter Taylor.
Peter Taylor, had an incredible drive in his Ford Focus WRC on the Tunnocks Mull Rally and set 2 record stage times, (a little better than our own Andy Fenwick who had a very poor outing, better luck next time Andy).




A very nice sticker!

The Mull Rally

At only 337 square miles the picturesque Isle of Mull, off the west coast of Scotland, may seem an odd motorsport venue, but it’s home to some of the most challenging roads in the UK and the 2013 Tunnock’s Mull Rally.

The Mull Rally was the first event (of only 2) in the UK to use closed public roads for rallying. The late Brian Molyneux, founder of the Tour of Mull Rally, wrote a book about the event: “The Best Rally in the World”. The title says it all, now in it’s 44th year and re-named The Mull Rally it is a serious tarmac rally.

The rallylamps.com backed Hyundai World Rally car is seeded #12 and Andy will have experienced co-driver Johhny Vance sitting alongside.

The rally covers 157 competitive stage miles over two nights and an afternoon, during the weekend of the 11th-13th October, so the LED spotlights will be burning brightly.

Andy Fenwick in rallylamps.com Hyundai WRC (Bethune), by Niko Flash

Andy Fenwick in rallylamps.com Hyundai WRC (Bethune), by Niko Flash

For an idea of the environment Andy, John and the other competitors are facing, the in-car footage below shows John MacCrone and Stuart Loudon (during last years Mull Rally) in their Fiesta R2.

Daytime 2012 Mull Rally in-car footage

Nighttime 2012 Mull Rally in-car footage

For more information regarding The 2013 Mull Rally (including the route), visit the official Mull Rally website

LED Rally Kit!

rallylamps.com Hyundai WRC with LED spotlight "Rally Kit"

Hyundai WRC car with LED spotlight “Rally Kit”

A lot of enquiries are being received about the lamp configuration on the Hyundai WRC car – so a kit with all the necessary items has been created, lovingly called the LED spotlight “Rally Kit”

Rally Bethune, small error, big effect…

Andy Fenwick and Geert Grooten had a fantastic Saturday, but a very disappointing Sunday….

36th Rallye Bethune event report, Andy Fenwick and Geert Grooten

36th Rallye Bethune event report, Andy Fenwick and Geert Grooten

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Seat Ibiza Kit car

Andy Fenwick and Rob Fagg, Epynt 2009 – Seat Ibiza Kit car

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Andy’s current exploits in the Hyundai World Rally Car will be posted, also archive video footage of the Hyundai WRC and his ex Richard Burns Impreza World Rally Car.


Y4 WRC  – Andy’s Skoda Octavia WRC in which he scored a fantastic victory on the Jim Clark Reivers Rally.


his little screamer, a SEAT Ibiza kit car…

The Skoda Octavia WRC used to fly too...

The Skoda Octavia WRC used to fly too…