LED lamps for motorsport

Boomer Single LED lamp mounting frame

Boomer LED lamps fitting kit

The Boomer Single is a revolutionary quick-fit, lightweight frame which, when combined with ST-8 lights, gives outstanding illumination for rallying.

The patented design was developed in order to provide quick fit and release options, combined with four way adjustment of lighting direction, for fitment to any vehicle.

Designed to fit any vehicle, the Boomer Single utilises easy adjustment and anti-vibration rubber mounts.

  • Universal light mounting frame
  • 2 way adjustable light direction (with option of horizontal adjust kit)
  • Design to fit any vehicle
  • Machined & anodised billet Aluminium
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Design and Invention patents

Wiring diagram for ST-8 LED lights

The Boomer kit should be combined with ST-8 LED spot/driving lights, and there is a two lamp harness available separately for simple connection to the vehicle electrical system.

The customer may use either quick release pins or Rivnuts in the bonnet to secure the frame in place. (These option parts are not supplied with the kit.)

All lamps are sold with a pre-wired female connector attached to the male connector of the lamp harness, to allow easy wiring in to your vehicle system.

2x ST-4 and 2 x ST-8 LED spotlights

Boomer bonnet mounting + 2 x ST-8 LED spotlights