LED lamps for motorsport

LED lamps FIA compliant, March 2014

FIA logoThe FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) has confirmed that Lazer E-marked LED headlamps are compliant with the existing regulations and are permitted for use in a number of motorsport events.

Approval from the global governing body of motorsport and the representative of 60 million road and track users from over 230 clubs, was issued certifying use of the LED lighting range in the following events:

  • Group N – Article 254 (lighting section 6.8)
  • Group A – Article 255 (lighting section 5.8.5)
  • WRC – Article 255A (lighting section 5.8.d)
  • Group R1 to R4 – Article 260 (lighting section 503)
  • Group R5 – Article 261 (lighting section 503)

Both the FIA and the Dutch governing body Knac Nationale Autosport Federatie (KNAF) now compliment the approval from the Motor Sports Association (MSA) in the UK for stage rallying where the E-approved LED module is considered to be a single light source and compliant with ‘Construction in Use’ requirements. The Netherlands has also confirmed that E-marked LED headlamps are permitted for racing and is also considered to be a single light source.

The approval from the FIA is a big step forwards and acts as a milestone in the motorsport industry.