LED lamps for motorsport


LED lights – Fiesta R5 WRC

Offering significant weight reduction compared to a “standard” rally pod alongside obvious aerodynamic benefits this type of LED lamp set-up was first used on the M-Sport Fiesta R5 World Rally Car. The output from the LED lamp is roughly 3 to 4 times the light output from an aftermarket HID headlight or 6 times the output from a halogen spot light.

With a hybrid beam pattern ensuring excellent range and a broad close-range spread, this lamp gives drivers an outstanding level of night time visibility in front of the vehicle.

The image shows the Fiesta R5 World Rally Car using the Boomer Single mounting frame utilising two ST-8 lamps and 2 ST-4 lamps (side mounted with the appropriate mounting/adjustment kits).

The rallylamps.com backed Hyundai World Rally Car is currently testing an identical set-up to the above – see the Blog for events and updates.

Why a light with 8 or more light sources counts as a single headlamp:

ST-8 LED driving lights

All E-marked lamps are only allowed a single source of light, but in the case of LED lights the light source is considered to be the “LED module”, which may contain as many individual LEDs as required to achieve the beam pattern required to meet the regulations. This is the only way in which this green technology has been able to get a foothold in to passenger vehicle headlights, where vehicles like the Audi R-8 use as many as 10 LEDs just to create the beam pattern for a low beam. Efficient yes, but you need a lot of individual LEDs (approved together as a single LED Module) to have HID beating performance.